Supporting the DigitalBits Open-Source Ecosystem

Our Mission

Community Adoption

Growing the DigitalBits community through partnerships and the XDB Army

Developer Evangelism

Supporting growth of robust developer network through hackathons and startup competitions

Enterprise Transformation

Working with enterprise to understand the value of branded currencies through POC development and pilot implementations

Ecosystem Governance

Transparency as it pertains to grant distributions and other compliance matters

Global Markets

Accelerate integration of DigitalBits worldwide

About us

The XDB Foundation is a non-profit organization focused on supporting DigitalBits and related technologies. The XDB Foundation’s core objectives include: supporting the innovation and adoption of the DigitalBits blockchain and the use of cryptocurrency in enhancing the consumer experience and corporate social responsibility initiatives; shape commercial standards and requests for technical development; growth of the DigitalBits community through a diverse regional strategy; accountability and sustainability practices; and facilitate partnerships and ecosystem development. 

Working with XDB Foundation

Min Kuang

“We are excited to be collaborating with the DigitalBits blockchain. Initially we focused on tokenizing the iCashRewards loyalty token on the Ethereum network, however, in addition to the added technical benefits, our vision is also aligned with DigitalBits’ focus on supporting brand currencies. This also strategically aligns with iCash being integrated with PundiX to provide fiat to crypto processing services and point-of-sale solutions with merchants.”

Enzo Villani

“The team and ecosystem supporting DigitalBits have the experience and expertise to help global brands migrate into this new era of tokenized digital assets that can be leveraged across multiple platforms while acting as an incentive and loyalty driver.”

Michael Shaulov
CEO & Co-Founder

“DigitalBits is the first blockchain-focused on servicing branded cryptocurrencies to join the Fireblocks Network. We are looking forward to assisting brands and other enterprises with leveraging Fireblocks’ platform to keep their branded digital assets secure.”

Michael Gord

“I am excited to see the launch of the XDB Foundation and to be joining the DigitalBits ecosystem in this new capacity. In the coming weeks, the XDB Foundation will share additional updates regarding its key initiatives. Over the past 2 years, we have seen DigitalBits achieve various milestones and with this next chapter I’m excited to see the XDB Foundation contribute as the new project lead supporting education, research and development, and ecosystem growth and adoption.”

Johny Lyu

“It is clear that the role of branded cryptocurrencies including branded stablecoins is growing in 2020. We are focused on assisting brands and other enterprises to easily obtain the cryptocurrencies they require for their business, without the need to internally employ experienced traders to pursue the complex task of purchasing significant amounts of tokens.”

Zac Cheah
CEO & Co-Founder

“Our friends at DigitalBits share our mission of making blockchain more accessible and available to everyone, so we’re more than happy to add to the utility of its XDB token. We hope XDB token holders will start using their tokens at any of our partner merchants around the world.”


The Branded Cryptocurrency Ecosystem